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About Us


Our Mission

We will inspire, educate and form active leaders who will positively transform the world of tomorrow. We commit to professionalism and ethics in our quest for educational excellence. We will continuously provide quality education by striving to improve our existing programs and by developing creative and innovative ways to better serve our students and community.

We will provide quality early childhood education, by utilizing the Montessori Method in combination with several Enhanced Components . We strive to create lifelong active learners by encouraging exploration, effort and excitement. We will cultivate a child’s desire to learn. Children themselves are driven by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge. We will promote confidence and self discipline by modeling respect, and kindness in all of our educational activities. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is founded on unfolding learning experiences that enhance a child’s thirst for knowledge and self actualization. We will facilitate a nurturing and safe environment in which each child will learn to make meaningful choices. We acknowledge that each child is unique, possessing an individual pattern of growth, personality, learning style and family background.

The Montessori method stresses that children learn and progress at their own pace, so that quick learners are not held back, and slow learners are not frustrated by their inability to keep up. Through interaction with each child, we encourage and direct their energies appropriately.

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